Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Future

The Future
Topics that have been brought up in this class have made me ponder about what the future of media and technology will be. I was talking to my boyfriend about what we thought would be the next step with social media and we both had the idea about 24-hour live video streaming. I think the problem people would have with that is that it wouldn’t be as easy to filter themselves (only showing what they want people to see about themselves). But, on the other hand, it would probably be less permanent.
This topic also makes me think about what would happen if there ever was an apocalypse- especially if in the future the world is ever all “futuristic” like we portray it to be in movies. As things become more and more dependent on technology and people learn less and less how to do things themselves, if things were to crash, people would panic. I think one way that we are starting to see this push is with wearable technology such as the Google glasses and cell phone watches. It will be interesting too see how long it takes for these types of items to expand and for them to become more ubiquitous as people get more comfortable with the idea.

I did a Google search to see what others are saying about this topic and I found one interesting article that was done this March by USA Today. It talks about another Harvard student who came up with a new idea for social media called Spayce. It revolves around the idea that people are always interested about what's going on around them or as he put it, "'capturing the moment.'" He had this to say about it, “’We want to show you wherever you are, what’s happening around you and who’s around you.’”
As many interesting things as there are that we can imagine, I’m definitely skeptical like many people about the horrible things that could happen. (I was just thinking last night about how much better I could sleep if I could transform my room into any scene such as a rain forest- this happened in a scene in the Hunger games). My boyfriend was one of those people who took a while to get a smart phone and ever since he upgraded it seems like he’s always on it. What’s especially frustrating is that he will be so wrapped up in whatever he’s reading or doing that I often can’t get him to pay attention when I need to tell him something.

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